I am an this era girl.I don’t wear tight fitting clothes.I don’t grow nails.I don’t put nail colour.I don’t show off myself.I don’t have an up-to-date hairstyle or highlight.I don’t go according to every latest trend.

It doesn’t prove me orthodox but it proves that I am a girl who lives her life according to her wish.

I don’t need to prove to anyone that I am modern.

Modern should be your ideas and not necessarily your way of living.

So,I am modern and I am what I want myself to be.

A question….

When India won the match over Pakistan,why only in Pakistan people broke the television sets?Why not the muslims in India also broke them?Why were the muslims of India happy?

Post Scriptum-Not merely a question but an answer to those people who say that muslims should go and reside in Pakistan or any other muslim country.As if its not our motherland,as if we ‘The Muslims’ have not contributed even a bit to the independence of this country and as if they own this country.Then they also preach the lesson of equality.